Which Q product is right for me?

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Just as the name implies, Q-BIKE is specifically formulated to be used on bicycle chains.

Q-BIKE differs from other multipurpose oils, usually known as “wet lubes”, implying that they are oil-based or liquid lubricants. Q-BIKE, on the other hand, is a wax-based lubricant or otherwise known as a “dry lubricant”.


Dry lubricants usually work better in dry environments, where dust and dirt gather around wet-oily components. This combination of oil and dirt can lead to fast deterioration of your bicycle chain. In contrast, the wax-based formula in Q-BIKE is anti-static, meaning that it repels dust, protects the chain from contamination, and lasts longer once applied.


In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, there are additional benefits that Q-BIKE has to offer. It is biodegradable and the water-resistant formula is less likely to detach and contaminate the environment (think of an oily chain riding through a river crossing for reference).


Some helpful tips for when you use Q-BIKE:


  1. Ensure that your bicycle chain is properly and thoroughly cleaned before applying the product.


  1. You do not need to apply a lot of products to the chain. Simply rotate the pedals with your one hand while applying a thin layer of lubricant directly on the chain with your other hand.


  1. Clean your bike and chain regularly and reapply fresh lube after each clean.


Find out more about the various Q-BIKE products, available from selected CycTec dealers: https://cyctecdistribution.com/q-bike/