Ritchey Logic

Born of a passion for cycling and creating products that enhance the cycling experience, Ritchey bikes and components have continued to raise the bar time and again.

Experience the Ritchey Difference

For over 45 years, Ritchey has lead the industry in providing race-worthy, expedition-ready, and championship-proven components and bicycles at a price that does not require a pro contract. Shop innovative design, iconic framesets and timeless quality from Ritchey Design.

Ritchey bicycle components have been raced to victory in some of the biggest cycling competitions in the world including the UCI World Championships, the Tour de France and the Olympics and it all began in a simple garage in Menlo Park, California with Tom Ritchey.

Experience the

Ritchey Difference


Recognized around the world for setting the standard, yet being anything but standard, Ritchey handlebars are the choice of pros and enthusiasts alike for their unrelenting performance.


As an industry leader, Ritchey stems are found on the bikes of the world’s most successful riders in every discipline of cycling.


An unequivocal champion in seatpost design, Ritchey seatposts are deceptively simple and packed with benefits.

Bike Frames

It can be said that Ritchey steel bike frames are as iconic as the European masters that came before. Truly contemporary classics, Ritchey bike frames are for discerning cyclists who want a timeless bicycle that is sure to be the subject of discussion at any club ride or local. From the forged, machined headtube to the force directional, location-specific butted tubing, Ritchey bikes are more than classy steel frames.

Bike Wheels

As important as the frame that pilots them, Ritchey wheels are as meticulously designed as any component that bears the Ritchey logo.

Born of a

Passion for Cycling


Decades of innovation, countless miles of testing and a ceaseless quest for perfection become apparent every time you clip into (or out of) a Ritchey pedal.


Ritchey saddles include features like Vector Wing technology, which alleviates pressure points in sit bones while dispersing ride vibrations and harshness.


The critical interface between frame, fork and stem, the headset is the basis for precision steering. You don’t notice a headset that performs properly, but your ride can be ruined by a bad one.