Gustav Iden, a Norwegian Triathlete, took home a massive win at the 2022 Vinfast Ironman World Championships this year. This was only his second Ironman ever, as well as his very first time on the Big Island.

Gustav won the championship with an impressive course time record of 7:40:24! He raced alongside one of his best friends who goes by the name of Kristian Blummenfelt. The race started off strong as he raced most of the course in all 3 disciplines. They raced out of the water and made their way onto their bikes to hustle for that shiny first-place spot. The previous win was held by a Frenchman by the name of Sam Laidlow.

Iden managed to finally get ahead of his friend in the “energy lab” portion of the marathon which is where he had his eyes set on Laidlow, who was still sitting pretty in the first overall pro spot on the course. At the 22-mile mark, Iden caught up to Laidlow, giving him a kind pat on the back which was followed by a high-five and thumbs up as he showed his respect to the 23-year-old for his impressive efforts so far.

Gustav managed to squeeze past Laidlow and then set all of his energy and focus on maintaining his pace for the rest of the race ahead. This is what eventually led to him passing the finish line in first place.

We could not be prouder of Gustav, who has been an incredible member of the 100% family. He is a true sportsman and passionate athlete who accurately defines what it means to give 100% – in both life and in racing. This man has a bright future ahead of him, and we cannot wait to see what he does next.

Congratulations once again to Gustav Iden!

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