The User acknowledges that he / she has inspected the bicycle and that it is in good condition and is free from any patent defects.

The User undertakes to return the bicycle within the hour as arranged and booked.


The User undertakes to return the bicycle in the same condition as received by him / her.

In the event that the bicycle is not returned in the same condition, the User agrees to pay the Company upon demand all amounts expended by the Company to reinstate the vehicle to same original condition as delivered to the User, alternatively the value of the bicycle as determined by an Independent Valuator appointed by the Company, if the bicycle is lost, stolen or written off.


The User agrees not to abuse the bicycle in any manner whatsoever.


Save as is provided in law and except if there was gross negligence on our part, the Company shall not be liable for any damage, death and / or injury arising out of any defect in or mechanical failure of the bicycle, nor for any loss or damages to any property transported in or left on the bicycle.

The User herewith indemnifies the Company against any and all damage, loss, injury, death, consequential damage, loss, injury or death as may be sustained by any third party due to the use of the bike whilst in possession of the User, and herewith accept full liability and responsibility for any and all claims by third parties which may arise from the use of the vehicle, to the full indemnification of the Company.


The User warrants that he / she is an adult and that he / she has full contractual capacity and that, where appropriate, he / she is duly authorized to sign this Agreement.


The User acknowledges and agrees to pay all legal fees and costs (including Attorney and Client costs) incurred by the Company in enforcing any of its rights in terms of this Agreement.