Chapter2 KAHA Gravel Bike Review

The Chapter2 KAHA is sleek with a traditional frame silhouette across the top. Many missed the details along the lower half. (Photo: Troy Templin)

Understanding the Chapter2 KAHA

While Michael was still designing carbon for the water, he launched the cycling division of NeilPryde in 2014, but shortly after, both Michael and Neil left the company to start their next chapter. With a new path and love for cycling, Chapter2 was founded in 2017 by Michael and Neil Pryde. The company is based out of New Zealand, where the indigenous Māori people settled the islands in the early 1300s, and much of the branding pays tribute to the local culture.

When you are shopping for a Chapter2 bike, you might find it hard to find a complete bike, and that’s because they don’t offer them. Michael believes that selling framesets and a few select components allows the company to stay hyper-focused on the core of the cycling experience while allowing the customer or local dealer to choose the build that fits their needs and terrain best.

Before I break down the bike and give you my opinion of the ride, I want to put it out there that I’m not normally a fan of “race” gravel bikes. While I know they have a place and many road riders dipping their toes into dirt love them, I am normally left feeling like I am underbiking anytime I’m not on pavement. They are normally very close to endurance road bikes when looking at a geo chart.

So while they are fun, feel fast, and in many ways match the feeling of a road bike that fits larger tires, I like a little more separation because I usually ride my regular road bike off-road. When I pull a gravel bike out, I am looking for more than just more rubber on the ground…

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