100% is a San Diego-based sports performance company which launched the Norvik Sport Performance sunglasses back in June 2022. These glasses have set the standard when it comes to versatility, as they have successfully and cleverly blended elements of modern style with leading performance.

The unique glacier design was initially inspired by classics from the past, while it is quite heavily influenced by racing culture and tastefully blends retro with unique, modern innovation.

This pair of ultimate performance sunglasses showcase everything that 100% does best, and what they are known for. No-slip grip has been used to ensure optimal fit and comfortability when wearing these sunglasses. These premium lenses and coatings ensure optical clarity and protection from the sun, proving that Norvik was specially developed to meet the needs of top athletes.

Norvik made sure to keep lifestyle in mind during the design process. Although the sunglasses’ performance is intended to meet the needs of athletes, they can still easily be worn day to day thanks to the sleek and modern design.

The sunglasses have purpose-built side shields to enhance protection from various weather elements and unwanted peripheral glare. It showcases premium lens options that are designed with only the best quality found in the industry. It uses Hiper Lens Technology to assist in ramping up contrast and colours to ensure optimal clarity and sharper vision.

For convenience, Norvik is sold with additional lenses to allow users to quickly swap them out when needed. These sunglasses are also sold with a Polarized lens option, which provides effective light-filtering polarization and helps to cut through the glare without compromising various digital screens, smartphones, or GPS devices.

Overall, Norvik sunglasses offer ultimate performance and will make you feel like a star, on and off the track!

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