100% Launches New Colourful Limited Run with Peter Sagan

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100%, the popular sports performance company which is based in San Diego, has recently launched a brand new and exciting range of limited eyewear, in collaboration to Peter Sagan, a seven-time Tour de France green jersey winner.


Peter has a whopping 113 professional wins under his belt and has become a massive fan favourite. He is known for riding with confidence and complete style – matching his personality to a T! During interviews, Peter comes across as a very laidback person, but at the same time knows exactly how to keep reporters on their toes.


Peter Sagan x 100% Sunglasses
100%, made it their goal to showcase Sagan’s boisterous personality in this limited-edition range by using a variety of colours to reflect his quirky and extravagant style.


The glasses can be found with a triple-purple mirrored lens, encased with tie-dye frames which represent the colours of Sagan’s new team, TotalEnergies. The patterns used pay homage to Peter’s eccentric persona, making this a truly one-of-a-kind collection.


Sagan has stated that he feels like this collaboration is one of his most creative executions to date. This collection has a total of 3 different models, namely the S3, S2 and Speedcraft. All these models come with 100% x Sagan LE Special Edition Tie-Dye packaging as well as a pouch.


The S3 model was designed with protection as its focal point. The pair has a large peripheral field of view and was specifically designed to accompany fast riding.


The S2 is a much lower profile pair, it is extremely versatile and adaptable for all sports. It was designed to be used anywhere, at any time, and by anyone, allowing this pair to be used by a much larger audience, therefore not limiting it to only cycling.


The final pair in this collection is the Speedcraft. The cylindrical shield allows you to have a complete 360-degree view, with ultimate visibility and protection, you are sure to enjoy every moment while on your journey.


This collection not only looks impeccable, but functionality played a huge part in the design process.


Keep your eyes on your local dealer for when these sunnies make their arrival!