100% Eyewear and the Technology Behind the Lenses

What's New

100% is paving the way with their new eyewear technology, designed to enhance their eyewear as well as to improve rider performance and comfortability.

Their new HiPER lenses use high-definition lens technologies to drastically improve colour contrast, they enhance the brightness of colours as well as enhance the details seen through the lenses. Scientifically, humans are said to see three primary colours through their vision, namely blue, red and green. When these colours begin to overlap, that is when we start to experience distorted vision. Through HiPER lens technology, the lenses filter out these overlapping colours to create a more defined contrast between them and provide riders with unmatched depth perception.

Peakpolar lens technology successfully slices through glare and showcases optimized polarization of up to a staggering 55% to reduce the harsh reflections and glare from the sun while protecting your vision while outdoors.

100% Photochromic lenses have been designed with a reactive pigment that analyses the intensity of the UV light and through its innovative technology, the lens adapts its tint to the changing surroundings. It can quickly change from category 0 to category 2 in a matter of 15 seconds! You never need to swap your lenses ever again.

Their Hydrophobic + Oleophobic treatment is one like no other. This specialized treatment repels oil, water and dirt pearl off your lenses in addition to their smudge-resistant qualities. This is just another way in which 100% ensure that you do not have to worry about lens maintenance. These technologies do it all for you!

Speedcraft Air is currently the only cycling eyewear which features special patented AC system breathing technology. These sunglasses come with nose stickers that are attachable to the magnetic nose piece on the frame, which secures them and allows for smooth operation. The user can easily adjust the nasal dilator by rotating a small dial located at the centre of the lens. This will automatically open or close the arms which are used to control nasal dilation during a ride. World famous professional cyclist, Peter Sagan, has personally tested the Speedcraft Air during some of his races.

All these lens technologies have been specifically and carefully designed to make your life easier and more efficient when riding. Functionality has been enhanced, vision has been made clearer and performance has been optimized to allow for a smooth and enjoyable ride with 100%.

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