100% Eastcraft & Westcraft Review

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Cycling’s best sunglasses are the ideal marriage of form and function. They would safeguard your eyes in every situation and never fog in a perfect world. Even if you found the perfect pair of glasses in terms of performance, you’d still have work to do. Sunglasses are about more than just function; they’re also about fashion.


That’s where the 100 percent brand comes in. Some brands simply elude style, and one of them is 100 percent. As a result, we’ve included a few pairs of riding sunglasses on our list of the finest cycling sunglasses. Despite having a great portfolio, it debuted something new this winter: Eastcraft and Westcraft, two variations on a shared concept, which we got the opportunity to play the Eastcraft’s powerful square silhouette



Design and aesthetics 

“With high-performance design and technology advancements, this line represents an exceptional marriage of sports eyewear and fashion.” Modern sports are defined by the aesthetics of these styles. Whatever your feelings about the aesthetics. The rest of the conversation follows a similar pattern: yes, they’re high-performance, but they’re also high-fashion. To make that a reality, the Eastcraft begins with a “strong square silhouette,” as described by 100 percent of the Eastcraft. They’re all made the same way, regardless of which style you choose. Both of them begin with a rubberized frame that is lightweight. Numerous subtle technical nuances give the frame a sense of movement while also setting the stage for the design’s more performance-oriented elements.



The potential to transform is what I find most interesting about the 100 percent Eastcraft glasses. I’m not going to claim that these will work in every social circumstance, but I believe that some individuals will be able to remove the side shields and use them off the bike. It’s undeniably a bold design, but it’s doable, and it all comes down to the side shields.


I’m not seeing any performance benefits from the side shields. I can’t tell the difference between putting them on and taking them off without looking at them. There’s a lot of chatter about providing protection vs. decreasing peripheral vision, but they’re so far to the side for me that I can’t see them in my peripheral vision.



The requirements we place on riding glasses are simple and straightforward, but some products fall short of even the most basic requirements. The 100 percent Eastcraft wonderful job of staying clear of fog and are exceptional at shielding your eyes from the wind. The frames don’t obstruct your vision, and extra clear lenses and a high-quality case are included. That’s the simple part, and 100 percent has done a fantastic job. Style is the more difficult aspect of the equation.


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