100% Accuri Goggles – Review

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Are you seeking a functional and affordable set of goggles? The 100% Accuri MTB goggles could be your best bet!

These goggles are extremely comfortable and are efficiently ventilated to offer a great field of vision while in action. They are able to work well with both open or full-face helmets. This pair offers a slightly wider strap, which is paired with a silicone gripper and triple-layer foam over the areas that sit against your face. This improves overall comfort.

This is worth the upgrade from the basic Strata goggle. The Accuri fit comfortably, with an outer layer that is somewhat fluffy, used to wick sweat to prevent unpleasantness or irritable skin.  The frame is produced from durable, tough urethane, which have proven to stand the test of time even when being mistakenly tossed in the washing machine. These goggles work better with open helmets, as with the full-face helmets they do not sit quite as comfortably or as flat on your face due to the lid’s extender wings for the straps.

Ventilation has been prioritised with this design, as seen with the large foam-covered openings situated around the perimeter of the lens. Additional ventilation is achieved through the specific shape of the frame and the lens, which has a bulge in the centre. The purpose of this bulge is to allow air to flow freely as it lifts from the brim of the helmet. This also accommodates your field of vision when your head is faced downwards.

To sum it up, the Accuri goggles offer maximum comfort, effective ventilation, and a wide range of vision. If you don’t mind changing lenses more often than you would with some of their pricier rivals, then they are definitely worth their price. You could add in multiple different lenses, various tints and endless frame options which will leave you spoilt for choice.

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